Little Book of Facts About the Big Ship: The Life & Times of RMS Queen Mary

THE QUEEN MARY was a legendary ocean liner, built to reflect the hope of an empire during the dark days of the Great Depression. As a flagship of the great Cunard White Star Line she had a distinguished career in war and in peace. Carried the most troops. Sailed the farthest distances. The biggest, the fastest, most luxurious, most celebrated ocean liner afloat. Then came the transatlantic jet liners and the rapid decline of the great transatlantic ocean liners. And yet the Queen Mary lives on as a floating museum, hotel, and attraction and an example of the time when the oceans were conquered with the power of mighty steam turbines.

THE LITTLE BOOK OF FACTS ABOUT RMS QUEEN MARY is a quick guide to her history with list of important details, stories, and historical and contemporary photos in 60 pages.

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