Queen Mary Considered for Patient Housing Amid COVID-19 Pandemic

Officials are considering whether to use the Queen Mary in Long Beach as a hospital or convalescent center as the COVID-19 pandemic stretches medical facility capacity. The story is at

Coronavirus Health Requirements Being Reported is posting on-the-scene reports from private mariners about the health requirements they're encountering upon seeking entry to various countries.

Check the site often if you're sailing and going to be arriving in port somewhere so that you know what will be expected of you.

The reports are at this link.

Tolls Increased to Transit Panama Canal

Tolls to pass through the Panama Canal increased January 1, the first rise in prices in seven years. The categories, all based on ship length, have changed somewhat, also.

In general, the shorter vessels, less than 50 feet, will now be paying twice as much, $1,600, for the transit.

Read the article here on

Warning About Pirates in Mexican Waters

This article from The Triton warns about ongoing pirate activity in Mexican waters.

The most recent attack was November 11 and the pirates looted a merchant ship, carrying all they could, and left. Two crew members were injured trying to fight off the pirates.

The article offers some good advice on anyone sailing to Mexico's territorial waters on being prepared for pirate attacks.

Read Why You Should Always Tip Crew on Cruises

You know they work hard and aren't paid much. Read here about why you should always tip your cruise crew members.

(By the way, we found a reference from 1908 recommending the elmination of tipping on passenger ships. The story goes way back. And it's something that's still discussed. In the meantime, it's the only way crew have to really make a living wage.)

Cruise Ship Lineage

The question comes up often among ship fans: "What was that ship called?"

Cruise ships get traded, sold, or shifted in their markets. And the name and branding often changes in these cases.

So, we have traced the lineage of Song of America and put it into a chart.

Let us know what you think and if you'd like to see more of these kinds of lineage charts.

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