Image of Los Angeles Maritime Institute tall ship in San Pedro Downtown Harbor

Los Angeles Yacht Club

Great history (Humphrey Bogart was a member, among many other notable people). An outstanding sailing schedule, wonderful clubhouse facilities, public luncheon every Wednesday.

Los Angeles Maritime Institute/TopSail Youth Training Program

Operates four tall ships that teach youth leadership under sail. Public sailings and opportunity to work on the ships.

The Log

The best newspaper for information about sailing and fishing across the United States, and especially the West Coast

Steamship Historical Society of America

Dedicated to preserving the history of steam ships. Great programs.

Steamship Historical Society of America Southern California Chapter

SS Lane Victory

Operating steamship that served from World War II through Vietnam. Museum ship, event facility.

Crew Center

Want to know what it's really like to work on a cruise ship? Or want the inside information about cruise ships that doesn't make it into the consumer media? This is the site.

Refit Report

Ever wonder about what's involved in refitting a boat? This website has all kinds of articles about the subject.

Port of Los Angeles Pilot Service

Information about the Port of Los Angeles' Pilot Service, important phone, radio, and email contacts, and a link to the current Mariners Guide. Important page for professional or pleasure mariners.

QE2 Hotel

Lots of people wonder what happened to the Queen Elizabeth 2, one of the great ocean liners of history. It's a floating hotel in Dubai and from the photos on its website, it's a very nice property. Room rates seem very reasonable, too.

Catalina Seaplanes

A fun site with history and pictures of all the seaplanes that formerly served Catalina Island.

Anne Haynes Blog

A lovely long-time friend of Trans-Oceanic. She sails the world and gets some wonderful photos and has enlightening text on her many voyages. Highly recommended.

Port of Los Angeles Mariners Guide

This is the official guide for mariners sailing into and out of the Port of Los Angeles

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